Join us as we help families and individuals affected in disasters.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization! Since we opened, hundreds of volunteers have donated hours of invaluable assistance. From first responders, to providing emergency products, to providing disaster cleanup, there are so many ways to help! Below are just a few examples. Take a look and see where you can make a difference!

First Responders

Our first responders are the life savers of our organization. These volunteers are the first boots on the ground to arrive on the seen after a natural disaster occurs. These volunteers provide immediate relief for those in need. As a Ready Network Relief first responder you will join the excitement of setting up and managing our base camp and staging area. The staging area is a vital part of our ground operation. The staging area is where Ready Network Relief will provide hot meals, clean drinking water, basic first aid, communications, legal advice, security, and supplies distribution to victims and survivors of the disaster. There is no better service you can perform for community then to volunteer to help those in need.


Digital Advocates

Our digital advocates help influence people or institutions in order to achieve a stated positive change.  Our valued digital advocates spread the Ready Network Relief message and mission throughout the globe using digital means of communication.   These are technology driven volunteers!  Maybe it’s a web designer, social media guru, or marketing genius.  Maybe it’s a network engineer and communications specialist.  No matter what your digital talents are, we treasure our tech volunteers before, during , and after any disaster. 


Rapid Response Volunteers

Natural disasters often cause tremendous amounts of damage. The Ready Network Relief drone reconnaissance team survey the disaster area from high above and relays the information back to our command center set up at the base camp. The drone data is analyzed then passed on to the proper authorities and or our volunteers to help anyone in need.   


Local Volunteer Recovery Chapter

Natural disasters occur all over the planet. In the United States alone more than 60,000 people a year die from natural disaster related injuries.  Having local volunteer chapters throughout the USA its Territories, the DR and the Caribbean Islands helps us prepare and react to disaster situations rapidly. At the onset of a disaster we send out email and text messages to our volunteer database.


Facilities – EOC

Our Emergency Operations Centers are located throughout the USA its Territories, the DR and the Caribbean Islands. We always have a need for daily management and operations support.  This includes facility management and maintenance, answering phones, arranging fund raising events, warehouse and supply management, weather monitoring center support, and much more. 


Administrative Services

It takes qualified administrative volunteers to provide support for victims and survivors in the quickest manner possible.  We always have a need for clerical staff, phone operators, grant writing specialists, information technology specialists, phone specialists, advertising & marketing and more.